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Beauty Salon was encompassed in 2001 and opened up in October of that year. We have always been on the premises that we are in now in The Mall in Dublin 2Our Beauty Salon Dublin 2 formed around then we simply had the principle floor part of the building and it incorporated a touch of get-together area and three treatment rooms.It was a little begin however through decided work and phenomenally undaunted and energetic clients the name of our business made after some time.

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After some time we could get some unprecedented brand like DECLÉOR, Royal Effem, OPI, Shellac and Image Skin Care and different all the more so this made our Salon liberally much more an enthusiasm with fantastic checked things available to be purchased and some awesome Body and Facial Treatments.

As our customer base made we additionally expected that would make and our fascinating salon blueprint was no all the more working for us, so in 2018 a key development and modify happened.

We grabbed the upstairs package to the building and set going to move beyond from base to top floor and an extraordinary format was conveyed.

This gave us three treatment rooms and a tanning room ground floor and five treatment rooms upstairs with a submitted nail bar reach out also. It also permitted us to put in an altogether broader social event range which permitted us to show up and stock in a general sense a more vital measure of your most revered things.

With this additional room now we can now offer support to all solutions we have standard visits from our remedial expert, beauty expert and constant make-up authority.

We have seen a considerable measure of changes in Dublin in the most recent decade and a half and we are in a matter of seconds a champion amongst the most settled relationship on The Mall at this stage. Appreciative of You to all our Loyal Customers again and without you, we won’t be here. Additionally, dependable shop adjoining, please. Much appreciation to You